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David Daeshin Lee 



Throughout the majority of 2018, I had searched for purpose with what God has given me.  Professionally, my creative and analytical mind had me focusing on finding and creating automated solutions to process related problems, which wasn't in my job description of Sales and Marketing.  Facing a brick wall of resistance to innovation and opportunity led me to try things I never  considered before.

Last fall my wife and I discussed wanting to teach my son Eric an instrument like the piano.  I had thought that it would be a better idea to look at composing software to teach him many instruments at once, something I haven't  ever attempted, which is how I began composing.

I want to show my son, my loved ones, those who feel stuck in life what it means to try your best in an area that is unknown, and to inspire them and others to live beyond your limitations which is why I created insigh1studio and this site to share my journey.




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